Red Lion, settled in 1852, was named after one of the first pubs in town, the Red Lion Tavern.[3]

Red Lion was a main stop along the old Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad, known locally as the “Ma & Pa” Railroad. That railroad ran from York County to Baltimore, Maryland.[4]

Red Lion was once famous for the many brands of cigars made in the town. The town produced millions of cigars per month, about 10% of the cigars made in the United States.[5] The town raises a cigar every New Year’s Eve.[6]

Red Lion was also known nationwide for its furniture industry, with several large factories producing ornate, hand crafted furniture for over 100 years. The furniture industry has mostly shifted to kitchen cabinet production and retail store fixtures over the last 40 years.[7]

The Consumers Cigar Box Company and Red Lion Borough Historic District are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[8]

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